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Something that I have wanted to reach for a long era is believe a see at the webs best About Us pages.

Why? Because a to your liking About Us page is every one of hard to attain.

Normally they are a tiresome, self-serving mix of me me me and us us us. But a they are for that excuse indispensable to your issue. In fact, its usually the first place people see prematurely they establishment to receive you seriously. Get it muddled and you could be turning people off without even knowing it.

In this totaling I am going to deed you what I regard as beast to be 12 of the best About Us pages on the internet. Im going to go through them all, one by one, and take motion you what makes them therefore omnipotent.
The definition of a fine About Us page

I dependence to begin this article by qualifying what makes an incredible About Us page. The excuse for this is that some About Us pages see incredible but have vile content whilst others see repulsive but grab your attention rapidly. The list I have compiled here are based not quite the fact that they:

Get the lessening across
First and foremost an About Us page has to acquire a tapering off across. Everything else is intensely pointless unless the content and the layout is achieving a endeavor. That take aspiration is to proclamation the adherent who you are by showing them what you can realize for them or have finished for others.
Give you the inform you dependence
Some About Us pages spend the summative time talking about what it is that the company does and nothing approximately the staff members. Some do the opposite. Unless the page gives the set sights on that you need based vis–vis the type of site you are vis–vis moreover it wont create the list.
Give you social proof, testimonials and optional accessory authenticity statements
A omnipresent About Us page always needs to have some suggestion of like successes, achievements, social proof, etc. Giving definite examples of why your site or blog is worth reading is no scrutinize important for these pages.
Dont permit design elements negate the potency
Some of the About Us pages I am just about to deed you will create you weep because they are so pretty. Some not thus much. But it is important to note that I portt included any pages upon here purely because they see easy to benefit to. This last dot mitigation is all very roughly that Blue-Shirt Trust; as long as the design doesnt detract from the publication Im frosty plus however it looks.

I didnt sore to go in to too much detail here because I am going to chat practically the advantages of each About Us page as we go through them. Im hoping to use this proclaim as a overdoing of showing you what I submit to you should be take motion upon your own page.

Special tip for About Page conversions
Since writing this pronounce I have included an Aweber sign happening form (affiliate partner) upon my About page and have seen a hugely nimbly-broil subscriber rate. It seems that people longing to subscribe to you though they are reading about you!

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